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03 January 2009 @ 12:28 am
Chicago 2008 Jared and Jensen transcript part 1 - small pictures  

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Jared and Jensen on stage together - part 1

(audience yells as Jensen falls onto stage)

JP: (looks around and laughs) That last step's a killer.

(Jensen is fine!)

(Jared grabs Jensen's mike and hands Jensen his mike. Jensen looks at the mike and doesn't touch it.)

JP: (laughing) He knows.
JA: Hi. Actually I don't, I just trust my instincts.
JP: get you a chair? for you? I'm way too hot. (removes hat)

JA: No. (Jensen grabs Jared's hat, which Jared had hung on his foot, and is about to throw it into the audience)

JP: I'm going to, uh don't do it, don't (serious) don't do it, don't dude, I just bought that,
JA: That chair looks really nice (hands back hat)

JP: I got to get something out of my coat ... you know I'll finish this question real fast, she was asking what I think about Sam and Ruby.
JA: Oh please, by all means (walks away hastily)

JP: I think it's important for the story, where'd she go? OK, I think it's important for the story, and I think we all knew it was going there, and I love that Kripke gets stuff done, he doesn't just dance around it, and I think it just shows how messed up Sam is at his brother's loss, or because of the loss of his brother.

JP: Like this. (Because Jensen has disappeared off stage to get his chair)

JA: Hi. I was getting bored back there with that.
JP: I know, I get it, I get it,
JA: what were all you guys talking about, ...
JP: necrophilia, ipecac

JA: Isn't that a surgery?
JP: What's it called, ipecac, I swear, ipecac
JA: I had a cat once.

JP: Yea, yea Ipecac makes you throw up. Don't go there. Next please.
JA: I didn't want to touch that.

Q: What would you like your action figures to do?
JA: I would be taller.
JP: and I would just be taller than him. I would want to be able to ipecac.

JA: projectile
JP: Yea, you'd have to have my hand like this, so you push a little button and (hand of ipecac) do this. But it can't go above that, because then it, has to be a stopper, yea, can't go too high, yea, yea, the arm-man.

JA: My arms would actually be able to bend at the elbows, so that I could still eat, and probably, like, have, some sort of really disgusting fried food in the hand of Dean, so that he's constantly (motions eating).

JP:That is what they make me do, ALL the time (sigh).
JP: And they make me ipecac. Grass is always greener.

JJ: Thank you (Jared gets his drink)

Q: Hi. What's up, cuties?
JA:(deep Dean voice) What's up yourself, sweet thing?

Q: Your favourite behind the scenes story since last year?
JP: Since last Chicago? (drinks - waves towards Jensen to answer)
JA: What are you drinking?
JP: Monster low carb energy, um yea, it's really good. (Jensen makes a face - does Jared need more energy?)

JA: um, favourite behind-the-scene moment? Ah well of course they aired a good one, um.

JP: Oh yea.
(someone shouts out Wincest)

JA: What? I heard that. (Frowning, looks at Jared)
JP:(serious) That's not funny.
JA: I don't know. What are some ...?

JP: My favourite is, thank god we caught it on film, the air guitar thing, and also because, ... yea, it's really awesome, and I really wanna stress it was totally unrehearsed, like he had no idea I wasn't going to come into the scene and hit my cue and stuff like that, and kinda was what he did, that was my favourite, so everybody else, the crew, got a kick out of that.
JA: again, yea, and I'll have to get back to you,
Q: (see you later)
JA: Absolutely, yea
JP: Look how many people there are, a lot of people.
JP:(teasing) All here to see me.
JP: All here to see you introduce me
JA: right, except you came on first,
JP: yea, start strong,
JA: idjit
JP: start strong
JA: Hi, sorry, we're just rambling, now.

Q: ...
JA: Hi, Lauren,
JP: I'm Jensen, (makes face, weird movements) I had to slouch down (repeating what Jensen said off mike)- y'all heard that, right?

Q: really quick - syrup of ipecac - now that you're living together, if Jensen ever tries to poison you,

JP: Don't tell me this! What are you talking about?
JA: If you could just write this down,

Q: ipecac, makes you throw up
JP: that actually exists, that's like a word that ...?
JP: I see, all right, didn't know
JA: All right then, the word of the day.

Q: Two girls, one's a Jensen-lover, one a Jared-lover (they stand up at the back)

JP: Jared-lover sounds smart, sit down, sit down, you can stand, sweetie, you sit down
JA: You're going to go far.
Q: We like watching Supernatural
JP: Awesome, thank you very much,
JA: Very cool.
JP: thank you Jared-lover
JA: and thank you Jensen-lover

JA: you've got a strong future ahead of you, supporting the Jared-lover,
JP: working for the Jared-lover,
JA: oh I think I'm gonna throw up
JP: ipecac?

Q: I have a 9-year old, last week had to cover their eyes, your scene last week,

JP: (innocently) what are you talking about, ipecac? Oh, I'm sorry, I'll ask them not to write that any more,
Q: and next week
JA: I suggest you watch it like this (hand over face)

JP:(deadpan) You know what, if it's, if it makes you feel better, we'll just tell the writers to not write that any more, no, thank her, it'll make the show better,
Q: Any future shower scenes?
JP: Baby shower? Wedding shower?

JA: Well I hope so, but I don't know if they've cast the lead actors for that yet but,
JP: can't wait to see that

JA: Didn't we have the shower scene in the last episode, In the Beginning? (actually 4.08 Wishful Thinking)
Q:oh the ladies,
JA: Boom!
Q: Let me clarify, YOU in the shower?
JA:(smiling) well, now that's just out of line,
JP: Don't tell Sara Gamble, she'll write that in,

Q: what's her number/email
JP: I forgot ... thank you

JP: What's up, Starlin?
Q: what are your biggest fears and were any encouraged from being on the show?
JP: None of mine were encouraged, I just answered this question the other day, I never think about it, then I thought about it, what my fears are?
JA:(Points at his arm)

JP: having really small arms one day, waking up with tiny arms, what is it? You know, what gets me is when you, I'm more scared of being startled, like when you wake up and there is a noise,
JA: that, he screams really loudly.
JP: What bugs me is always just noises in the night, like in the middle of the night, I always get up and act like tough: Who's there? I'm really big, and walk around, yea, so I guess that's me.
JA: I don't fear. I don't do fear, like that television show.
A: The cat

JA: What? You know, ha ha, that scene, that stupid cat flying out they made me yell so long, I was hoarse by the end of that scene. Had to do the scene, the one over the car, - 'I quit' - afterwards, and I was hoarse throughout the entire rehearsing of that scene. I don't know, to get back to your question, that wasn't really an answer, just...

Q: you can take my turn
JA: no, no, I'm kidding, go ahead.
Q: What's your favourite colour?

JP: To do what with? Umm it's silver right now, but I like black, I like black, it hides things.
JA: Didn't we determine that is a void of colour?

JP: No, yes, it is actually, we're not talking about light, the science thing
JP: Nice job, way to mess it up.
JA: I'd say like blue, (points to Jared's royal blue mike) that's actually the colour of uh, you know they put marks down so that actors can find their way around the scene, that's actually the exact colour of the tape they put down for my mark.

JA:Funny story, I did a movie this summer, in Pittsburg, and um, he's red, he always uses red marks, and ha ha the guys, the camera crew put down red marks for me, and I walk around like, where's my mark, and they're like it's right there. I'm like, oh brother, we're gonna have to talk about this. It's like, if you throw a blue mark down, I'll nail it every time. Red? Evil! So I guess I got to go blue.

Q: Thanks
JP: Cool, all right, thank you.

Q: Hi,
JP: and what's your phone's name?
Q: WallE, after the robot ... movie.
JP:(stumped) ahh really? ... really? I'll have to go and see it.

Q: I'm a big Jared fan, Mom loves Jensen, we discuss who's better.
JP: You're going places, thank you
JA: Listen to your mother
JP: Ok, I'm a bigger fan of you than your mother,
JA: A very smart woman
JP: Is she losing her vision?
JA: She'll come around.
Q: If you could ask your character any question?
JP: Why do you always drop your gun, whenever there's a bad guy, where you can't get to it? And, where did you learn to ipecac? Jensen?

JA: Why must you eat all the time?
JP: Thank you, once again, you're very very smart and going places, good taste.

Q: Biggest inspiration for acting?
JP: Money,
JA: wasn't fame

JA: I have to say my father, my Dad, he's been an actor in Dallas, for as long as I've been alive, been on, you know, television shows and does commercials and voiceovers and radio work and stuff like that. I think it was just kind of growing up with that kind of personality in the house, we'd always do funny stuff, goof around,

and when it came time to pick a, some sort of an elective, I think they call it, in school, art class or theatre, or a couple of other things, well I just, I thought well hey, I can,... (Jared waves hands) would you like to answer?

JA: OK, I'm done talking now
JP: Would you like to answer mine?
JA: I did that, I was just like, maybe I'll just go to drama class because I'm good at making a goof of myself, so I would have to say that originally that's kind of where it began.

JP: I think I was just the black sheep, I didn't have, no there was no-one in my family, or friends, acting it was.
Q: (To Jensen) I met your dad at the Dallas con.
JA: A good man, thank you.

JP: What was that song by the way dum dum dum, is it just a ringer? I kinda like it.

Q:There has been speculation about a Gilmore girls movie?
JA:(fangirly) oh please! please!

JP:(pats Jensen's shoulder) Jensen's gonna scream, so cover your ears
JP: yea, there has been speculation, I heard that myself and I would totally go back and do it ... and there's also been speculation of a "Days Of Our Lives" movie (giggle).
JA: (sarcastic)I would totally go back and do it, ... for 5 million dollars
JP: I'd love to go back and do it, yea, thank you, to play Dean again.
JA: There's only one Dean.
JP: I had five years of Dean.

JA: I'm gaining on you.
JP: That's right, originated, thank you.

Next panel - Jared and Jensen part 2 here

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