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02 June 2011 @ 12:28 pm
Season 6 in the UK June 8th - Sky.com  




Season 6 on Sky Living

Coming soon

The boys are back. The eagerly anticipated brand new series of Supernatural starts soon on Sky Living, and it's bigger and badder than ever. Take a look at our preview video for a snippet of what's in store.

Starts soon - Wed June 8th 10pm Preview/Recap video

Sky - Supernatural new series video (very sexy, but why is it always only Sam naked?)

Supernatural is coming to Sky Living for an exhilarating sixth series.
Watch this trailer for a compelling look at what's in store.
Is it cold in here, or are we just shivering at the thought of Supernatural?

About Supernatural

Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are bound by a mission to find their missing father, fighting evil forces along the way. Their other-worldly battle began when they were just little boys - their father was consumed with finding the spirits that murdered his wife. His two young sons were trained to help him on his quest and grew up as hunters of dangerous forces; forces mainly believed to be superstition. But as the boys travel across the country and encounter these alleged folkores, they discover that vampires and demons are very real.

This season promises to be full of mystery and shadow. At the end of season five, Dean and Sam faced their biggest foe of all time: the Devil. The brothers, along with rebel angel, Castiel, stopped Lucifer and saved the world. They found a way to get Satan back into hell, but it cost them dear. The price? Sam's life. Heaven and Hell has been turned upside down after the apocalyptic events of the last series. The world is bleak and lawless; angels, monsters and demons roam in disarray. Dean had retired from hunting and swore he would never go back to that life. But Sam has managed to escape from Hell. Will they be the same people they once were? In a world so scarred, will anything be what it seems?

The story focuses on hot-but-very-capable brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) - who make the show worth watching even with the sound turned down. Who needs plot and dialogue? Although Supernatural has both in spades, we hasten to add. The boys' faithful ally, Bobby (Jim Beaver), is still kicking about, as is Castiel the angel. Hurrah!

Wednesdays at 10pm, starting 8th June

Biog Jared

Full Name: Jared Padalecki
Born: 19/07/1982, San Antonia, Texas
Is He Single? Cue massive disappointment - No. He's married to Genevieve Padalecki. And she's gorgeous. Darn.
Breakthrough Role: Jared landed a role in Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester in 2000 and he stayed in that role for five years.
Where Else Have I Seen Him? Young MacGyver (2003), House Of Wax (2005), Friday the 13th (2009).
Did You Know? He's one tall fella, measuring 6'4". So masculine.
Jared says: "I'm a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn't show!" How are you so lovely, Mr. Padalecki?

Full Name: Samuel (Sam) Winchester
Occupation: Demon hunter. He tried to leave his evil-fighting days behind him when he went to Stanford university. But tragedy led him back to teaming up with his brother, Dean, to continue a mission bound by blood.
Is He Single? Yes. Since evil forces took his true love, Jessica, Sam has been on a quest to avenge both his mother's and Jessica's deaths. He has also lost significant others, Madison Owens and Ruby along the journey.Sam in Supernatural
Special Abilities: Sam has visions of the future, can sense spirits and is telekinetic.
Did You Know? Sam’s birthday is May 2nd (born in 1983). This coincidentally also became Eric Kripke’s (the show creator and executive producer) son’s birthday in 2007, which Kripke describes as “Creepy”.
Sam says: "Dude, I'm not enabling your sick habit. You're like one of those lab rats that pushes the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies, " (to Dean after he asks for more quarters for a vibrating bed).

Biog Jensen

Full Name: Jensen Ross Ackles
Born: 1/03/1978, Dallas, Texas
Is He Single? No, he's married to Daneel Ackles. He got married in 2010 just like his bezzie, Jared. We just missed out, ladies.
Breakthrough Role: Jensen appeared in a few TV shows before getting his big break on Days Of Our Lives as Eric Brady in 1997.
Where Else Have I Seen Him? Dawson's Creek (2002-2003), Smallville (2004-2005), My Bloody Valentine (2009).
Did You Know? His parents were going to name him Justin but decided it was too common. You hear that Timberlake? You're just one of us.
Jensen says: "I love the smell of shampoo on a girl's hair. You can walk past someone and be like, 'Wow, you took a shower this morning, didn't you? Because you smell lovely!"

Full Name: Dean Winchester
Occupation: Demon and monster hunter. He sees this as more of an adventure than his more studious brother, Sam.
Is He Single? Yes. It seems there's no time for women when you're saving the world from armageddon.
Special Abilities: He doesn't have any special powers as such, like his brother Sam, but he's extremely nifty with firearms and displays combat prowess, such as martial arts and knife fighting.
Did You Know? He's a smart cookie in chemistry and has constructed Molotov cocktails and other improvised explosives.
Dean Says: "You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moon beams, and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass!"
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