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Above the noise and confusion

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This is a journal dedicated to (mostly factual, very little opinion) posting of information I'd like to have, but couldn't find elsewhere on the internet so I'm posting myself. That information is mainly transcripts of some of the conventions.

For my own entertainment, I added links (to videos or pictures) illustrating the text, as well as embedded pictures from the event, which belong to the users noted.

Transcripts of J&J panels for Chicago Con, Nov 2008.

Transcripts of J&J panels for LA, March 2009.

Asylum, May 2009

AHBL partially transcribed from DVD Saturday, Sunday.

Vancouver Con Aug 30th 2009

LA Con Mar 30th 2010

Vancouver Con Aug 29th 2010
LA Con Feb 13th 2011

Asylum UK May 15th 2011

Vancouver Con Aug 28th 2011